Score One for the Robo-Tutors

Score One for the Robo-Tutors "In experiments at six public universities, students assigned randomly to statistics courses that relied heavily on “machine-guided learning” software -- with reduced face time with instructors -- did just as well, in less time, as their counterparts in traditional, instructor-centric versions of the courses."



How robots eliminate labor unrest

Are you an employer experiencing labor unrest because of low wages or poor working conditions? The easiest way to eliminate that problem is to replace the workers with machines, according to this article:

Using Propaganda to Stop China's Strikes

After Hong Kong’s Milo’s Knitwear (International) added new Japanese knitting machines at its Dongguan sweater factory, it reduced line workers from 80 to 6. “All the headaches, the riots—gone,” says Managing Director Willy Lin. “Machines don’t complain about their salaries.”

This is why robots will always be the preferred worker, and new robots will be rapidly deployed to replace workers as soon as the robots become available.


The problem with robotic drones

The title says it all:

Drones: A deeply unsettling future

With the refinement of self-driving cars, drones on the street are not too far away.



Robots creating scientific hypotheses

With the development of Watson, IBM showed the world what computers can do with vast text databases like Wikipedia. In Watson's case, the goal was to win at Jeopardy. Now that same kind of technology is being deployed to win at science:

Scientists are developing a computer that can read vast amounts of scientific literature, make connections between facts and develop hypotheses



Robots will soon know the location of every car

Imagine a vast network of robots tracking license plates. Once the network is complete, robots will know the location every car on the road:

License plate readers: A useful tool for police comes with privacy concerns



Computer more accurate than human doctor at breast cancer diagnosis

Computer more accurate than human doctor at breast cancer diagnosis

How long before computers are better than human doctors at all forms of doctoring? The computer looks at symptoms, orders an optimized set of tests, discovers the illness and prescribes the optimal treatment.



The new, impoved Asimo robot from Honda

Asimo is new and improved, with the ability to run, jump, open things with his hands, communicate in sign language and avoid obstacles. This video catalogs the latest abilities:

Asimo video

One day in the not too distant future robots like those will be seen walking down the street...



The approach of robotic police forces

Police forces are in the process of turning from civilian organizations into military organizations, as explained here:

Cops With Machine Guns: How the War on Terror Has Militarized the Police

What is the next step? The military uses robots and drones. Therefore we would expect police forces to use robots and drones. Imagine a protest. Imagine how a civilian police force would manage the situation. Then imagine how a military police force would manage it. Then imagine how robots with the ability to deploy lethal force would approach it. There are two possibilities:

1) If programmed aggressively, the robots incapacitate or kill the protesters.

2) If programmed rationally, the robots might be better at the job than militarized police because robots would execute the rules of engagement perfectly. A peaceful protest would be allowed to proceed. Any unruly members in the protest would be isolated and contained so the remaining protesters are free to go about their business.

The outcome depends on who gets to program the robots.



The writing is on the wall - Truck drivers could soon be a thing of the past as robots replace them

This article shows that trucks drivers could be near-term victims of robotic replacement:

Rio Tinto boosts number of driverless trucks

Given that Google has been test-driving robot-controlled vehicles for over 100,000 miles without incident, it is easy to imagine robot-driven trucks making their appearance in the not-too-distant future.



Does information technology destroy or create jobs?

Does information technology destroy or create jobs? Debate heats up

A sobering article... People at every level of the economy are subject to robotic replacement.



PETMAN _ Uncanny human-like bipedal robot

An amazing video showing the PETMAN robot:

From the video description: "PETMAN is an anthropomorphic robot developed by Boston Dynamics for testing special clothing used by the US Army. PETMAN balances itself as it walks, squats and does simple calisthenics. PETMAN simulates human physiology by controlling temperature, humidity and sweating inside the clothing to provide realistic test conditions. PETMAN development is lead by Boston Dynamics, working in partnership with Measurement Technologies Northwest, Oak Ridge National Lab and MRIGlobal. The work is being done for the US Army PD-CCAT-TI. For more information about PETMAN visit us at www.BostonDynamics.com."



The coming loss of IT jobs to the cloud

At this moment in history, IT jobs are generally considered to be "safe" from robotic encroachment. But it turns out cloud computing could have a huge negative effect on IT employment, as discussed here:

Cloud computing's real creative destruction may be the IT workforce



The swarmanoid - multiple robots working together

From the video's description:



Squad Mission Support System (SMSS)

SMSS is a autonomous robot that carries gear, equipment and supplies for infantry soldiers. According to this page:

See it in action:



Body-swapping robot



The Autonomous Grape-Vine Pruner

A robot with a sophisticated vision system and sophisticated arms is able to prune grape vines on a twig-by-twig basis:



Robot bulldozers

Israelis' invulnerable, 60-tonne robot bulldozer force to double

From the article: "The regular D9, from Caterpillar, is an imposing brute. It weighs nearly 50 tonnes - reportedly more than 60 with IDF armour - boasts better than 450 horsepower, and is generally equipped with a normal bulldozer blade at the front and a "ripper" delving tool at the back. The Black Thunder unmanned version is fitted with cameras and remote actuators, and can operated unmanned or with a driver as may suit."



Robot taxis

Driverless, Electric Taxis Set for UAE Debut

From the article:

Robots ready to run the world

From the article:


Programmable matter

Morphing programmable matter gadgets could soon be a reality

From the article:

Shows a photo of a current prototype about 3cm across using magnets for connections in 2-D. Obviously that will have to shrink quite a bit, and 3-D connections are necessary.


Cyborg limbs

SmartHand: Cyborg Limbs Will Feel Like User's Own

From the article:


New Army technology could save soldiers' lives

New Army technology could save soldiers' lives

From the article:


Photos of Robots today


From the article:

These are great photos of some of today's latest robotic advancements.



Roboto medics

Robots could replace army medics in battle

From the article:



Robots in warehouses

Autonomous Robots Invade Retail Warehouses

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