DARPA Grand Challenge video

Explains how the winners did it:



Lexus vision for cars

Lexus Cars to Get Electronic Eyes

From the article:Yes, an image processor.

To see where we are headed, look at where graphics processors went in 25 years:

Circa 1980

Circa 2005

Vision processors will move at the same pace. To see where this development takes us: Robotic Nation and Manna



shocking Einstein robot



Autonomous forklift

The vision of an autonomous forklift truck

From the article:The thing about robots is that every day they get a little better. One day they reach parity with humans in everything. Then the next day they are exceeding humans in everything. In every job category, in every task, robots will replace humans.

See Robotic Nation for details.



Helping firefighters

Fighting fire with robots

From the article:Video is available here and here.



The Robots Are Coming!

The Robots Are Coming!: "The robots are on the move--leaping, scrambling, rolling, flying, climbing. They are figuring out how to get here on their own. They come to help us, protect us, amuse us--and some even do floors."



Giant puppet

Imagine when we start creating things like this that are autonomous robots...

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