The writing is on the wall - Truck drivers could soon be a thing of the past as robots replace them

This article shows that trucks drivers could be near-term victims of robotic replacement:

Rio Tinto boosts number of driverless trucks

Given that Google has been test-driving robot-controlled vehicles for over 100,000 miles without incident, it is easy to imagine robot-driven trucks making their appearance in the not-too-distant future.

The original DARPA Grand Challenge for autonomous vehicles was in 2004 and not a single car completed the course. It's amazing how fast progress has been made. I'd love to see this technology perfected for consumers. You could sleep or read on the way to your destination and never have to look for a parking space again. The number of accidents would also plummet.
It's not just the Google Driverless Car.

Far from it.


The VIAC Vislab Italian Robot Car Team from Parma, Italy, (that at this time last year in their VisLab Intercontinental Autonomous Challenge drove their 2 Prototype Driverless Cars 8,000 miles from Parma, Italy to Shanghai, China in under 90 days), is predicting that given the current rate of improvement of the technology for Automated Driverless Cars those Driverless Cars will be where they needs to be for Mass Acceptance and Adoption by the year 2025.

How many 10s of millions of driving jobs are there?


What can VIAC offer you?

I’m a driver…

As a driver you might benefit from this effort in the next 10 to 15 years.

So: no direct benefit now, but the research carried out in this field might be of a great help to car drivers when cars will be equipped with these technologies.

A car that can warn you when drifting off the lane, when approaching a curve too fast, when driving unsafely in an urban area,… will become a reality thanks to these studies.

Remember that more than 90% of road accidents are due to human errors!

A system able to help the driver might be very useful to avoid some of these accidents!"
Hey Marshall, glad to see you are back to posting on here.

Looked it up, this is the truck (system):

Next years Ford Fusion will have a lane drift warning automatic return to lane system.

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