Robotic Air traffic Control

Computer system 'can land aircraft without air traffic controllers'

From the article:

As mentioned in Robots in 2015, pilots and air traffic controllers are likely to be some of the first casualties in the robotic revolution.

Robots that Evolve

The Golem Project

From the site:"This is the first time robots have been robotically designed and robotically fabricated." You have to start somewhere.

Robots Thinking Like Humans

Sandia team develops cognitive machines

From the article:It does not sound like synthetic human intelligence is very far away...


Robots on the Battlefield
Robotics to play major role in future warfighting

From the article:According to this article, "The Army has 482,000 active-duty soldiers. With Guard and Reserve forces, there are 1.2 million soldiers in the total Army." It will be great to take take all 1.2 million of them off the battlefield and out of harm's way. But by 2025 they will also all be unemployed.

With robots on the battlefield, there is not really any limit to the size of the army or the army's destructive force. One year you buy half a million robots, the next year you buy another half million, and so on. Nations with robotic armies will have a startling amount of power.

Robots as Human Actors
Virtual Humans

From the article:See also: When real actors begin to look unreal


Robots Acting Human
Robot Challenge: Putting Artificial Intelligence to Work

From the article:The robot described in this article is able to show up at a normal trade show, register for the show, get to a specific room and deliver a lecture. It's a little slow right now, but it is only 2003. Imagine what a robot like this will be able to do in 2020, when CPUs are 1,000 times faster.

Robots in Medicine
Dr. Robot Tested at Hopkins

From the article:

Bigger and Faster
Nanolitho effort harnesses self-assembly

From the article:4 Terabytes of memory by 2020 is not an unreasonable expectation.

PlayStation 3 Chip Nears Completion

From the article:Production of the "Cell" chip is expected to begin in 2004. If we have 1 Teraflop processors in 2004, we will have 100 Teraflops or more in 2020, and human-equivilent Petaflop processors by 2030.

Hard-disk drive industry braces for technology changes

From the article:Prototypes using perpendicular recording have been produced. Manufacturers are working right now to improve reliability. The article indicates, "The HDD industry had been increasing recording density at a rate of 100% per year, but because of the increasing difficulty in longitudinal recording, we now have an outlook of more like 60%." At a 60% per year improvement rate, we will be buying 300 Terabyte drives for $300 in 2020. If perpendicular recording (and subsequent technologies) pushes improvement rates back up to 100% per year, we will be buying 10 Petabyte drives in 2020.

See also: Using holograms to store data in memories that are both fast and vast

Humanoid Robots
'Personal robots' get ready to walk on the human side

From the article:

Robots in Fast Food Restaurants
McDonald's tests high-tech grill

From the article:A typical McDonald's restaurant has about 50 employees. If the kiosks eliminate 2 employees and the automated grills eliminate 2 employees, that's about 40,000 jobs lost in the U.S.

Robotic Pharmacists
Refills at Robo-pharmacy

From the article:

Robotic Help in Surgery
Robots Help Doctors Better Install Heart Pacemakers

From the article:

Robotic Surveilliance
Linux-Powered Robot Swarm Descends On LinuxWorld

From the article:See also: Robot 'guard dog' protects Wi-Fi setups

Robots Driving Cars
Pentagon offers Vegas jackpot in robot race

From the article:Robots will be driving cars and trucks on the road sooner than we can imagine...

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