Drone warship

UXV Combatant, a new class of warship being developed by BAE Systems to fight in the drone wars: "BAE believes that the future battlefield will be full of intelligent robots fighting against each other, probably until they realize they can join together to eliminate all humans from Earth. The ship looks and specs, expected to enter service past 2020, look terrifying: The 8,000-tonne carrier is designed "to launch, operate and recover large numbers of small unmanned vehicles for extended periods" that will operate in land, sea and air."



How close are we to immersion?

In The Day You Discard Your Body as well as Manna, people readily discard their carbon-based bodies to live in virtual worlds that are far more interesting and entertaining.

This article talks about a man who has done nearly the same thing with Second Life today:

Is This Man Cheating on His Wife?

He is basically living in Second Life. The only thing he does is "real life" is eat, sleep and use the restroom. His Second Life is far more interesting than his real life, even though Second Life is such a crude embodiment of a virtual environment.

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