Robotic Investment
Fledgling robot industry aims to fly high

From the article:This article discusses similar investments in Japan, which is gearing up to invest as much as $500 million per year in a long-range national intelligent robot research project:In a 2010 time frame, we can expect to see robots start to begin moving into the workplace in a significant way. It is likely that these robots will come from Japan and Korea rather than the United States. See Robotic Nation for details.


Manna at UPS
UPS unveils new package-flow technology for deliveries

From the Article:It is only one short step from this system to the Manna system. Simply replace the hand-held computer with a headset telling the driver exactly where to go and what to do, and you have Manna.

Never mentioned in the article is the fact that, by saving 100 million miles per year, UPS can drop approximately 2,000 drivers (assuming a driver covers 50,000 miles per year).

It will not be that long before UPS, FedEx, Airborne, DHL, the post office, etc. can replace all of the drivers with self-driving trucks and robots. See Manna, Chapter 3 for details. That will send more than a million employees to the unemployment lines.

Sony's QRIO Robots
Sony's Dream Robot: QRIO

From the site:Bi-pedal motion, balance, self-righting ability, visual recognition, voice recognition. Introduced in September of 2003, QRIO will become a mass produced toy. Imagine what the capabilities will be just 10 years from now.

See also Makimoto links IC future to next-generation robots. From the article:


Produce Picking Robots
Researchers announce watermelon picking robot

From the article:First its watermelons, then it is strawberries, then it is pumpkins and so on. Before you know it, several million migrant farm workers are out of work.

This is certainly not unusual in agriculture. We already have wheat picking machines, corn picking machines, cotton picking machines and so on. The important point with the watermellon picking robot is that a robotic vision system is the enabling technology. As these vision-based harvesting robots come on line, there will also be vision-based retail stocking robots, vision-based hamburger assembling robots, vision-based bathroom cleaning robots, vision-based truck driving robots, vision-based roofing robots and so on, all coming online at approximately at the same time. Tens of millions of workers will be displaced simultaneously. See Robots in 2015 for details.


Robotic Convenience Stores
Automated 24/7 convenience stores

From the article:

Robotic Vision
New Aibo to lead the way in robotic vision

From the article:This is in 2002, without any custom vision hardware. In 10 years, the capabilities of vision hardware and software will have advanced significantly. See this article for a representation of where we are likely to be in 20 years.

See also this article.


Robots that look human
The man who mistook his girlfriend for a robot

From the article:Imagine that you walk into a restaurant. The attractive woman at the door greets you. She recognizes you and asks you how you are doing. She looks completely real, but she is a robot. Because robots will recognize you, greet you personally and remember every detail about you, there will very likely come a time in the not-too-distant future where we prefer robotic restaurants and stores.

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