Giant puppet

Imagine when we start creating things like this that are autonomous robots...

Marshall is losing it...

Please change your blog to allow for submitted story entries! I can think of at least 5 recent stories that would have been perfect for this blog, but there's no way to make them the lead story...
Or at least respond to some of the comments on your blog.
You said it, mdude.
Guys, it's easy enough to start your own blogs. So Marshall's busy, so what? Ease up on the negativity and sense of self-entitlement. It's grating.
Robot Future News is updated more frequently
First, I would like to note that the giant puppet is cool, although the motors needed to make something like it into a robot might be unfeasable, at least for now. Maybe not, depending on what meterial it's made out of.

Secondley, Sniffty: I was giving Marshall Brain a suggestion, not telling him he had to do something. I myself wouldn't mind if someone made complaints towards how I maintained my website. If you don't like how I'm posting, that's your opinion, not Brain's.
Shut your android piehole, snifty. LOL!
There is precisely 0% chance now and in the future of this wonderful piece of puppet artistry becoming a robot. That is so beside the point of this work. Truly one of the laziest story postings yet on RN.
api mis siin käib?
kes on kõik need inimesed?
miasa ka aru mis neil häda on
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