Tagging people

RFID System Prevented A Possible Infant Abduction

From the article:Tagging people is going to become more and more common. One obvious reason is security, where it will eliminate anonimity. The other reason is so that our robots can identify us easily and definitively.

Mark of the Beast? Even if you don't believe in Revelations, you gotta think that the people introducing this technology do.
Excuse me - since when are parents abductors and maternity staff in charge of the babies? I realize that maybe the parents were criminals or noncustodial, but the article does not say anything about it. If I, a normal citizen, had a baby and left the hospital AMA, I do NOT expect my baby removed from my care and returned to the maternity staff.
Even President Bush is doing his part to bring about the events in Revelations by causing the war to end all wars in the Middle East. Th-th-that's ALL folks!
Technology stops a baby being stolen. This is a good news story, full stop.
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