Will RFID-guided robots rule the world?

Will RFID-guided robots rule the world?

From the article:See also Why so nervous about robots, Wal-Mart?

With their logical AI and rational decision making, playground robots of 2030 will look at the children playing on the grass and swinging on the monkey bars …”just another primate with slightly better manipulators and a larger language capacity”.
No. RFID will become obsolete as vision processing improves.
RFID wont be obsolete. It is so cheap, why waste computation and time looking for a kid hiding behind a bush when you can localize them with a $0.02 chip?

Also, bonvenon, don't talk smack about the cerebral cortex. It's actually a slight bit more than that...

As for the Japanese program, you don't need this to have a mountain of evidence that their MO of interaction with technology is very different than folks in the USofA. I'm not saying it's bad, I'm saying don't expect to have Americans tagging their kids with RFIDs for a robot to find them.
"I'm saying don't expect to have Americans tagging their kids with RFIDs for a robot to find them."

I don't agree. Do you care for you children? Do you want to protect them?
Yes, you do. Believe me, you'll use protective shields circa 2030. Everyone will.
RFID is a technology that is too easily abused. It makes sense for things like milk jugs, because you want to be able to process perishables quickly.

The negative connotations of “putting a chip on your kid" are the only reason this story weight, and the system that will actually be deployed in 25 years won't look anything like it.

To make things clear with respect to my past comments: RFID excellent for a decade or two, by 2030 not so much, especially for this application.
Back in the '70s in the US kids were not as "over-protected" and coddled as they are now. This pendulum will swing again.
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