Robots and Marriage Counselors

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Elsewhere in this blog you can find posts that describe the vulnerability of fast food workers, pharmacists, teachers, truck drivers, nurses, lab assistants, umpires, actors, surgeons, factory workers, farm hands, convenience store clerks, air traffic controllers, etc. to robotic replacement. Now we can add marriage counselors to the list. From the article:This statement from the article is especially interesting:The implication is that, prior to this model, divorce prediction by human counselors was not accurate. So, not only will robots be able to replace human counselors, but they will do a better job -- they will be able to accurately predict divorce and then do something about it. The article describes the techniques a robotic counselor might use to steer a marriage down the right track:Robotic marriage counselors will revolutionize the industry. They will be able to predict divorce with 90% accuracy and offer useful solutions to problems in the relationship.

Humans with troubled marriages might have a problem "opening up" to a robot that looks like R2D2. Fortunately, they won't have to. We will be able to create robotic counselors that look completely human.

In Robots get friendly, the work of "Sculptor roboticist" David Hanson is described. From the article:Keep in mind that this is all happening in 2004. Imagine what robots will be like 25 years from now. Hard to imagine? Compare computer games from 1980 (Remember Pac Mac? It was introduced in 1980) to today's (e.g. Half Life 2). Pac Man had little pixelated icons moving around in a square maze. Half Life 2 is a fully immersive DVD-quality gaming experience. The same thing will happen with robots over the next 25 years. Today Valerie will be a little rough around the edges. In 25 years, she will seem completely human. And she will be able to fix your marriage.

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