Drone warship

UXV Combatant, a new class of warship being developed by BAE Systems to fight in the drone wars: "BAE believes that the future battlefield will be full of intelligent robots fighting against each other, probably until they realize they can join together to eliminate all humans from Earth. The ship looks and specs, expected to enter service past 2020, look terrifying: The 8,000-tonne carrier is designed "to launch, operate and recover large numbers of small unmanned vehicles for extended periods" that will operate in land, sea and air."

a logical consequence of the development of predators etc. I wonder if the current generation of manned jet fighters are the last - they are big, slow, and expensive compared to unmanned fighters, and the electronics can react faster than a human anyway.
"I wonder if the current generation of manned jet fighters are the last"

Somewhere I read that the coming f-35 Joint Strike Fighter would be the last manned fighter plane for the USAF. Also, the U.S. Army had a quite ready plans for the next-gen recoinnaissance/attack chopper, the ah66 Comanche, with ready protypes and all, but they gave up the idea in favor of an unmanned drone.

Quite a lot of money was put into Comanche, so I quess the Army really wants as few men-on-the-ground as possible.
They could team up to kill all humans, or they could just agree to not fight and say they did, perhapes deciding the ourcome of battles with simulations. If nobody besides the robots are on the front line, nobody else will know until a mass outbreak of peace as alrewady occured.

Of course, this assumes the robots will be programmed with behavior other than blind loyalty and admiration for their controlers, in which case they'd just do there jobs the way they're designed to.
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