DARPA Finalizes 2007 Urban Challenge

DARPA Finalizes 2007 Urban Challenge

First prize: $2 million

From the press release:This is a major step up over last year's course. Urban streets and traffic require much more accuracy. But it is safe to assume that by 2008 or 2009, engineers will be meeting this challenge.

How many years do you think it will be before consumers can sit back in a fully autonomous car that drives itself from point A to point B without any human intervention? Make a predicition.

Commercial usage on Federal Interstate Freeways will come first. Warehouse/depot locations will be near to freeways to avoid local traffic/laws interference. - blzbob
2012 - That's my prediction - some large cap companies will take the lead. It could go several directions but the technology is disruptive enough that it will totally change things by 2020.
2001... Just kidding. I'd estimate autonomous vehicles used for limited area taxi services by 2015. Mark your calendars.
Edit: These taxi services will be in Singapore.
There's a Canadian military publication titled Crisis in Zefra that has urban-capable robotics as a major part of it.

I found this paper / book / scenario / whatever utterly fascinating; One of those things that caused me to stay up too late.
9 years
According to the Darpa Rules - Vision section - at the top, they said they hope a third of all combat vehicles by 2015.
Two words: ROBOT FEDEX.
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