Bigger and Faster
Nanolitho effort harnesses self-assembly

From the article:4 Terabytes of memory by 2020 is not an unreasonable expectation.

PlayStation 3 Chip Nears Completion

From the article:Production of the "Cell" chip is expected to begin in 2004. If we have 1 Teraflop processors in 2004, we will have 100 Teraflops or more in 2020, and human-equivilent Petaflop processors by 2030.

Hard-disk drive industry braces for technology changes

From the article:Prototypes using perpendicular recording have been produced. Manufacturers are working right now to improve reliability. The article indicates, "The HDD industry had been increasing recording density at a rate of 100% per year, but because of the increasing difficulty in longitudinal recording, we now have an outlook of more like 60%." At a 60% per year improvement rate, we will be buying 300 Terabyte drives for $300 in 2020. If perpendicular recording (and subsequent technologies) pushes improvement rates back up to 100% per year, we will be buying 10 Petabyte drives in 2020.

See also: Using holograms to store data in memories that are both fast and vast

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