A Robot That Learns to Use Tools

A Robot That Learns to Use Tools: "To assist humans around the house, robots will need to be able to deal with the unfamiliar. But while researchers can preprogram robots to do increasingly sophisticated tasks, they face a much bigger challenge in teaching them to adapt to unstructured environments. A robot developed at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, however, is able to learn to use objects that it has never encountered before..."

This is where P2P networks become interesting. if each machine downloaded the expereinces of the other machines around the world then they become very useful very fast.

The next part is having simple descriptions to help in the learning.

Lastly having a purely synthetic envirment for the computer to play and dream will help it learn without hurting anything.

So before you put a tool in front of it for real; put the same tool into its dreams to play with first.
are the three laws of robotic safe?
The technology, day after day develop, when they can it like our?:D
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