First Armed Robots on Patrol in Iraq

First Armed Robots on Patrol in Iraq

From the article: Video on the SWORDS system:


Can they fire autonomously or do they need human input before they shoot?
I believe its all under human control
as of now!but in the future it will
A.I.Wow thats scary!
Sarah Conner better start looking over her shoulder...
I wonder how easy it would be to
disable this bot.
1 If someone threw a big blanket
over this thing could it get out of it.2 If someone dug a big hole and covered it with straw the bot would fall right in.
3 If a sniper shot out its camera's it could not see.
4.Can someone jam the radio signal so it cant be controlled by remote.
Bots are cool but it needs some kind of self defense system. Im sure if they caught a bot they could figure out how it works and use it against the our military. I'm not sold on bots yet!!!dixon van nuys
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