Factory Jobs: 3 Million Lost Since 2000

The kind of thing you would expect in a robotic nation:

Factory Jobs: 3 Million Lost Since 2000

First:Second:Third:The growing number of service sector jobs sounds good until you realize what is happening - factory jobs are being roboticized and exported because they are easily roboticized and exported. It has been much harder to do this with service sector jobs, although there have been several telling examples: ATMs replacing tellers, the web replacing travel agents, kiosks in airports replacing ticket agents. With a collasal 84% of jobs now in the service sector, we are in a precarious position. Those service sector jobs are at risk over the next 10 to 20 years as robotic replacement starts to become viable. And there is nothing on the horizon to replace service sector jobs in the way that manufacturing jobs have been replaced. See robotic nation for details.

OK...umm... 3 million jobs lost. How many new jobs have been created since then. I'd like to see some more positive takes on these robotically enhanced future scenarios. Is it just because we are cranky? A lot of great stuff is happening these days. Amazing stuff. Thanks to the web, personal computers, cheap communications, open source software... good grief, Charlie Brown, this is the most exciting time in human history to be alive. I feel very fortunate to be here witnessing and being a part of something new in the whole of human existence... and you're worried about some temporary displacement of workers? Grow up!
Manufacturing jobs vs miscellaneous "other" jobs?

Give me a break.

May 1914 was a great time to be alive too.

The question is how are people most affected by the loss of blue collar jobs reacting?
(At the risk of looking like I'm arguing with myself...) Anonymous, are you completely uneducated about the ways of the world? Your sad sack attitude and the whining tenor of the "Factory Jobs...etc" article seem to suggest that once one "loses a job" it is impossible to either educate oneself and gain a leg up in our competitive society, nee world, and one should merely resign one's position to chance. Bullshit, sir. How many jobs have you had in your life (and I'm assuming it's a short one so far, with little valuable real-world skills coming into play)? The average person will change careers anywhere from 3 to 6 times, depending on who you trust for information from the web ... How many careers can a machine change? It will remain that way for the next 40 to 50 years. "Artificial intelligence" will never develop in a fashion to replace the people who create it. That is one thing that is guaranteed.
I think Marshall Brain is correct. Automation has many good effects, but it will cause more & more unemployment, which is a bad effect.

Marshall Brain has predicted that about 50% of the population will be permanently unemployed by 2050.

We're not just creating better productivity tools. We're creating a whole new species. Eventually, my guess is that most jobs will be automated.

All that will be left are creative jobs, but not everyone is creative. Also, even creative people often stumble a while until they come up with something.

The woman who wrote the Harry Potter books was on welfare when she wrote the first book.

So, I like Brain's suggestion that we have a generous "Basic Income Guarantee", which can supply steady income, even when people are between jobs & careers or even if they just become permanently unemployed (because they don't have much creative ability).

Regardless of whether I'm right about the future job situation, the predictions that everyone will need to have 6 careers (etc), seem to indicate that there is a need for a Basic Income Guarantee, in order to provide some economic security when people are forced to switch jobs/careers.
As jobs in one area disappear, taken by the 'machines', those workers enter the pool of jobs left. This reduces the price of labor for those remaining jobs, from brain cleaner to toilet surgeon.
After the ripples have settled, everyone still ends up with a job, although at lower pay.

This cycle will continue, each time putting more and more people on 'minimun wage' while putting less and less on 'maximun wage'.

It can be called the 'concentration of power', and it's natural, like water flowing downhill. It's remedy is active opposition.

Kubrick's film 'Spartacus' is worth watching ;)
There's such a thing as market saturation when it comes to certain services. Even minimum wage won't allow unlimited workers to work in a particular position in a certain region.

As automation forces more people to move to other rafts to survive, they'll eventually run out of rafts and be left floating in the vast seas.

If for example all jobs, including entertainment and art were automated, and only ceos remained say. It's quite obvious that 100s of millions couldn't work as ceos even if you had slave wages.
"Today, as in the past, the way that most people earn money is by getting a job"
Gee like I didn't like I didn't know that already marshall dumbass
seriously his perdiction so far has been wrong and it's 2008 where are your kiosk? Who ever agrees with your stupid ass is a fucking idiot!
So the government is going to allow robots to take over the job market and let humans be unemployed and angry and riot YEAH FUCKING RIGHT. ASIMO has been around for some time now don't think if robots are so cost effective the japanese would have already replaced the humans working in mcdonald's my friend just went there recently not fucking happening
Seriously though I agree with robotics but I don't don't see your predictions happening so far
"In just a decade or two we begin to approach a point where CPU power rivals that of the human brain. This CPU power drives the creation of robots that take over all of these jobs"

Quoted by the dumbass marshall brian once again

Ok who created the damn CPUs?
Yup that's right humans
So Electronical devices will have emotions like every animal human plant etc..

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PEnci1dik cok angry swearing.... serously fantastic argument...

Think about it, someone needed to physically mail all those letters you email every day.
Now only a handful of skilled people take care of email servers

Walk into a chain retail store; see how many people actually are at the registers and how many automated checkout lines there are.

Yea, people will become more educated, and get more skilled positions. But, this can only go so far, there is a 'breaking point', where the majority of the population will not be mentally capable of becoming skilled enough to even get a job.
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