Computers versus Common Sense

Description: "Douglas Lenat Dr. Douglas Lenat is the President and CEO of Cycorp. Since 1984, he and his team have ... been constructing, experimenting with, and applying a broad real world knowledge base and reasoning engine, collectively "Cyc".

Dr. Lenat was a professor of computer science at Carnegie-Mellon University and at Stanford University. His interest and experience in national security has led him to regularly consult for several U.S. agencies and the White House.

ABSTRACT It's way past 2001 now, where the heck is HAL? For several decades now we've had high hopes for computers amplifying our mental abilities not just giving us access to relevant stored information, but answering our complex, contextual questions.

Even applications like human-level unrestricted speech understanding continue to dangle close but just out of reach. What's been holding AI up? The short answer is that while computers make fine idiot savants, they lack common sense: the millions of pieces of general knowledge we all share, and fall back on as needed, to cope with the rough edges of the real world. I will talk about how that situation is changing, finally, and what the timetable -- and the path -- realistically are on achieving Artificial Intelligence."

Wow.. that is amazing, and it's already able to run on a laptop computer. Once they can get it to understand natural language then anyone can have their own "jeeves" that is smart and actually works. I suppose that one day it could also be the knowledge-base that underlies a real self-aware machine intelligence?
The key is for humans to be able to "wiki-program" the AI, so that corrections can be made when a "mistake" is made. That way a Hidden Markov style look-up table can be generated so that the AI can know what should have been said in similar situations. Via the internet, a given family's "Jeeves" can cross load its experience with other Jeeves worldwide for some exponential learning.
Logical AI looks like the future of truly intelligent machines. How long before they perform 90% of our labor in robot bodies? And will government require us to still work until where almost disabled -- 65, 68?
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