Catching criminals with surveillance cameras

The article:As more and more cameras are installed, police are able to track criminals across broader landscapes:In the Robotic Nation, every thing you do will be filmed, not by a "motley assortment" but by an organized whole mounted on mobile, ubiquitous robots. See Robotic Nation for details. In all likelihood, the idea of an "unsolved crime" will be eliminated within the next decade or two.

Marshall... it's nice to see a paltry few stories after dry weeks without them. Maybe you should turn over the submissions and editing process to someone more on the ball with the day-to-day stories. You clearly have little time to invest in keeping up with the real world development of a "Robotic Nation", and instead insist on plugging fanciful, unlikely scenarios that are supported with cherry-picked stories that have narrow focus. I'm sure you'd get quite a few volunteers if you would ask. Cheers.
I was living in Palo Alto at the time the City had just completed a 5 mile loop around the town when this senseless murder http://tinyurl.com/34qdu ocurred outside a busy nightclub on the sidewalk with many people around and yet no one saw the shooter. What is the likelihood that if City Council had not been so cheap and used all that bandwidth to provide blanket, hyper-networked coverage of all public areas with cameras, either through the fiber or wirelessly? Would this have even happened? Privacy in public is already a foregone conclusion in America and I'm still trying to puzzle out why Palo Alto did not use this incident to push for a plan like this.

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