Britons could be microchipped like dogs in a decade

Britons 'could be microchipped like dogs in a decade'

From the article:There are other ways to accomplish the same thing, but the message is clear - in the not-too-distant future, your location will be known every second of every day. There are certain advantages to this scenario. For example, we would know whether OJ Simpson killed his wife or not in such a world. Nearly every crime will be solvable in such a world.

Mark of the Beast, baby. Mark of the Beast. It'll go from voluntary to mandatory real quick given the right circumstances.
Make the microchips substantially larger, and an AI Mind could ride around on each human.
There's no real "AI" at this point, and it could be 25 years off, if even then.
People need to rise up against this nonsense.

Butlerian Jihad time! ;)
"For example, we would know whether OJ Simpson killed his wife or not in such a world. Nearly every crime will be solvable in such a world."

We already KNOW OJ killed his wife. WTF are you talking about!
I doubt it will even need to be made mandatory. Most of the British population voluntarily carry tracking devices on their person (ie, the mobile phone) and people are already signing up to get their cars tracked by the insurance companies (long before the government gets a chance to make it mandatory for "environmental" reasons).

The main problem facing RFID implants is that there is really isn't a killer app for it. Most of the benefits can either also be found in non implant devices (which are often more practical - RFIDs aren't that powerful, so a RFID tracking system would be difficult and expensive compared to just monitoring where phones are) or will be subverted around (so you will only end up tracking non criminals, as the criminals will work out ways to get around it). However, should someone come up with a killer app for implants, I'd bet it would only take a short time for implants to become ubiquitous.
I think it might have been better to give an example of an unsolved crime, like Jack the Ripper or the Zodiac Killer.
That's right, sheeple, just keep on marching towards big brother's barn.

If you're lucky, you'll only get sheared.

Britons, or more accurately Londoners, may be constantly surveilled, but this is not the case in the countryside. Monitoring "everyone" is simply impossible, no matter how many cameras or computers you throw at them.
There's a good article on commercial and private sector surveillance here:


It's from a few months ago but I recommened it because it focuses on the way people concentrate on the state.
I like the machine that read cards. You have the cards and can recount an infinite number of times.

I onlt wish they would add a "No Selection" choie to eliminate somone from sneaking marks onto an incomplete card.
Lets cut to the chase..

Being under survellance is creepy. You don't want to live a correct life, you want to have fun.

Business and goverments always want to know more than they have any reasonable right to know. No one should live like they have a cop three feet from them.

It doesn't matter. RFID's can be cloned and hacked anyway. The instant I am chiped I will go home and cut it out and replace it with a verson that can be changed. Then i can be anyone I want to be when I want to do naughty things.

So it just doesn't work.
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