Flocks of robot helicopters

Little Bird helicopter flies unmanned for first time

From the article: "Now the Little Bird has achieved a major milestone in its development by flying unmanned for the first time. The payload for the first unmanned flight weighed 740 pounds, but could have carried an additional 550 pounds of payload. A more advanced configuration, which is expected to make its first flight later this summer, adds an additional 800 pounds of payload. Add all that up and the weapon payload could be as great as 2000 pounds, flown autonomously while its payload or sensor is guided from a remote site or another platform. We suddenly see a future of battlefields with flocks of warbirds, all networked, armed and very, very dangerous ... and not a pilot in sight!"

Nice photos.

There is a new book called "The End of Medicine: How Silicon Valley (and Naked Mice) Will Reboot Your Doctor."

The robots are already here, gentlemen.
That's great, although I see robotic helicoptors doing more than fighting. Not that they shouldn't be used to replace soldiers, but it can't hurt to advertise some other uses, such as hauling cargo to and from la Paz, bypassing the most dangerous highway in the world: http://www.compfused.com/directlink/3688/
More new stuff completely missed by R. Nation:

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