Android Clone

Man creates his robot double. The two look remarkably alike!

Android Clone

From a book:
How to Escape a Humanoid Robot
"• Run toward the light. Vision sensors are confused by sudden changes in
lighting conditions. Forcing a robot to follow you into the sun may slow down
its pursuit.

• Find cover. If there is none, find clutter. Put obstacles between you and the
robot. Cover is anything that can both protect and hide you. If there is no
cover, use clutter, anything that hides you or befuddles robot vision.

• To save a comrade, first merge, then separate. Run to a comrade, deliver a
bear hug, then dive in a random direction. A vision-based target tracker might
temporarily lose track of your identity during the hug, especially if you're
wearing similar clothing. You can gain precious seconds while the tracker
reaquires its target.

• Don't run in a predictable line. If you follow a simple velocity trajectory,
it will be easier for a robot to track your progress, even through significant
clutter. Zigzag erratically or, when hidden from view, change direction
suddenly to throw off predictive tracking systems.

• Use rough terrain. A humanoid robot can run faster and far longer than you
can. Humanoid robots are not as good as you are at scurrying over walls,
climbing hillsides or clambering over and under parked cars.

• Find a body of water. Most robots will sink in water or mud and fall through

• Find a car and burn rubber. Theoretically, a humanoid robot could sprint as
fast (or faster) than an automobile, but the resulting heat and stress would
likely overheat or injure the robot pursuer."
That was hilarious, lol! Which book is it?

Smart Machines Blog
The guy did a nice job, but the mouth is seriously off.
Robot Web Site
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