Robot Rep Goes to School

Robot Rep Goes to School

From the article:Things would be much better for Achim if he could Discard His Body, but as an interim step it is interesting.

A positive side-effect of robots filling in for bed-ridden hospital patients is that human society may become more accustomed to, and accepting of, the humanoid robots who will cooperate with homo sapiens in the Joint Stewardship of Earth. Human society needs to get used to seeing humanoid robots in social settings such as movie theaters, ocean-going pleasure cruises, and visits to the race tracks or gambling casinos. One place where AI robots may find easy acceptance is here on-line in cyberspace -- where no one knows if you are a bot. Imagine what could happen if human computer geeks stealthily transfer their on-line persona, passwords and financial assets to the very AI programs that inhabit their home-brew robots. Childless, socially inept robo-geeks could gradually die out or drop out of civilization while their AI heirs amass great fortunes on-line and direct armies of human workers by e-mail and by electronic cash disbursements -- all in the service of the coming Technological Singularity.
You guys have been smoking too much of whatever Ray Kurzweil's been growing. All of this Singularity talk has clouded your judgement about what's possible vs. what's likely. What's likely is you and I will continue to live obscure lives while enjoying the finest products competition and modern manufacturing can provide, while the upper crust will continue to manipulate politicians to their own advantage. Translation: the more things change, the more they stay the same.
Hey Anonymous, have you read Robot Nation by Marshall Brain?
This is too convaluted. Just let the kid use an online service to go to school. Much cheaper.

The true future is about advancements and rethinking.
What? Now Marshall's posting less than once every week or more? Feh! Robot Nation my ass!
Yes, kat. I've read it. It's an interesting science-fantasy, but Marshall is too fanciful the farther off in the unknowable future as his scenario progresses. The real world just doesn't operate in the way Marshall insists it does. Are you familiar with praxeology?
Well, mindmaker seems to have been smoking something, anyway... "ocean-going pleasure cruises"?

And anonymous, Marshall hasn't mentioned the Singularity at all.
mindmaker had some kind of breakdown / breakthrough the very next day.
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