Revealed: robot spyplanes to guard Europe's borders

Revealed: robot spyplanes to guard Europe's borders: "Fleets of unmanned "drone" aircraft fitted with powerful cameras are to be used to patrol Europe's borders in a dramatic move to combat people-smuggling, illegal immigration and terrorism. The Independent on Sunday can today reveal that the tiny planes will fly at more than 2,500 feet over the English Channel and Mediterranean beaches as part of a £1bn programme to equip Europe's police forces, customs officers and border patrols with hi-tech surveillance and anti-terrorism equipment."

Soon robots will be surveilling evryone. See Manna for details.

As the Joint Stewardship of Earth approaches, the all-encompassing, supreme Artificial Intelligence will be able to look through the airborne spy-planes to track and record any noteworthy activity. The Noosphere of Teilhard de Chardin will be a fait accompli.
Bull. The pendulum will swing in the other direction, it always does.
I'm sure car assembly line workers said the same thing the first time they saw a robotic spot-welder... who was right then?
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