Robot attack unstoppable

Flying robot attack 'unstoppable': experts

From the article:

At close range use cell phone towers. The Australians proved the a grid of computers connected to the nations cell towers could pick out stealth aircraft. Not that we will be attacking Australia, but they were just showing it could be done.
Under the Joint Stewardshipt of Earth by intelligent robots and homo sapiens, such unstoppable robot attacks will be outlawed and will be punished with the severe retribution of annihilation.
I am waiting for street gangs to buy these. They can buy $50,000 toys left and right.

Instead of drive by's... there will be low cost predator attacks. I am sure it will get a slang name like being "Death Star--ed" or "Eagled"

A truely evil gang could probably just with chemical weapons like chorine gass. If you knew a house was storing $200,000+ in weekly drug money, why bother shooting?
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