License plate tracking device

Automated License Plate Recognition System Gains Traction: "The system works by scanning every plate that comes in the path of the sensor. Every time it reads a plate, the computer inside the patrol car dings and both a picture of the actual plate as well as the plate number the computer reads appear on the screen. The plate number is then run through a database, which has highlighted plates that fall in the category of lost or stolen, and drivers who are wanted for a felony."

Yes but the killer app would be to notes the very rough GPS position of each plate and calculate it as it passes each police car. Then you have something that a radar detector can't beat.
We have these already in the UK as there is a more sinister side to this as seen on a recent documentary.

The device was pinging so often with offences the cops would ignore it till they saw a car *they* fanced pulling over, then the device gave them the reason.

They should pull everyone or no-one, not use it as a device for harrasment.
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