History of ASIMO

History of ASIMO

See also this post (with video)

Okay .. The body is very good. Lets assume you can get the robot from iRobot in ten years and certainly in 20.

Ask asimo to bring the dirt from one pile to another. place dirt, shovel, bucket, and wheel barrow at the pile.

Nothing happens. The walking is good but concepts of project state, command, substance and tool identification adn usage don't even begin to exist.

That is the hard work that hasn't been solved for a general enviroment. There were some good block stacking programs but what came beyond that?

Just the same promises every year since the 1980's.
Asimo's cute. I saw him in person during the US "Say Hello To Asimo" tour in 2005.
...and I do believe I just called Asimo a "him." :)
In 20 years or less, robotic advances will be stunning to people, and they may even start to feel the threat of competition coming up fast.... now about that Butlerian jihad...
I remember that post back in 2003, I've been coming here for quite a while.
Braxton, you are wrong. In the last 15 years, we have made some huge advances in computer vision and artificial intelligence that we can actually do a good job of object recognition in cluttered environments and planning in large state spaces. Unfortunately, the hardware has not been able to keep up and that is the main reason why robotics is being held back. I agree that AI didn't do very well in the 80s but that was a long time ago and we now have learned the techniques to get things done.

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