Ground radar robot

Mystery Robot Said to Solve Crimes, Find Mines in Chile: "In less than a year, Salinas says, he has helped solve two of the highest profile criminal cases in this South American country. And now that university lab tests seem to confirm that his robot works, mining and oil corporations are flooding him with business plans, Salinas says."

Just for reference.: http://roboticnation.blogspot.com/2005/09/treasure-discovering-robot.html

1) almost certainly not a robot of any kind, just a sensor on wheels!

2) So what about those 800 tons of gold, eh?
Looks like BjornVDM was right, and National Geographic bought a fish tale:

¿Qué es Arturito?
-Es una integración de elementos electrónicos, transductores, antenas, un reactor de fisión (sic)... El reactor es el alma de la máquina.

"What is Arturito?"
"It's an integration of electronic elements, transductors, antennas, a fission reactor... the reactor is the heart of the machine..."

And it just gets worse. See: Peenie Wallie: Manuel Salinas Is a Liar and a Fraud for more woeful details.

As for what really happened in the discovery of the body of this unfortunate Mr. Yuraszeck, ask the gardener -- he had to dig the hole. Here's an article in Spanish about the case. It reads in part (my translation):

La pista para el hallazgo surgió en los últimos días, cuando el jardinero de Leyton, ex socio de Yuraszeck, declaró al Ministerio Público que tras la desaparición del empresario se le obligó a hacer un hoyo de aproximadamente cuatro metros de profundidad, el que posteriormente fue tapado con cemento.

The stage was set for the discovery [of the body] within the last few days, when a gardener working for Leyton, who was Yuraszeck's partner, told the Public Ministry that after the disappearance of the businessman that he had been made to dig a hole approximately four meters deep, which was later covered in cement.

And yet more information:

Treasure Hunting Robot a Bucket of Bolts? - OhmyNews International

Robots are taking over, alright, but in this particular case we just have a huckster on our hands.

Props to BjornVDM for sussing it out.
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