DARPA Grand Challenge 3

Feds ready to send robotic car army to the streets

From the article:

Robot cars driving through an American city? Who will assume liability if a human being gets injured?
That's why it's called a "challenge". ;)
Wonder how safe these cars are going to be...will they be cracker proof? I mean can't i just write a small C program to crack into this robot unmanned vehicle? Btw, u might want to check on the 'Immigration' post u had where i've commented what i think about robotic nation.... :)
These aren't going to be let loose in an actual city. Please read the press release carefully. It says it will be a 'mock urban area'.
What will come first is a bumper to bumper mode that lets the car do its own gentle creeping.

Next will come left lane express mode where the car can cover major ground in the leftmost lane and very good speeds and as long as it has 25 miles or better of fuel.

Lastly, you will have generic driving.
Probably a good 10 years of R&D left in this effort. FedEx trucks won't self-drive and deliver for a while...
Yeah, sure, but see: Your definition of "for a while" has been changing.

First, there weren't going to be robots "for another 300 years."

Oh, but then it was, "Well, not for 100 years."

Now, it's more like 30-40, if we peg it at humanoid and behaving sort of like what we'd expect.

(And I'm talking about "you" in the larger sense.)

No fair moving the goal posts around on us..!
First get it working .

Then get it down to $6,000 in additional cost and you have a landmark event. It will be like the $1,000 good computer and everyone will buy one.

I watched the PBS special and they were all Intel P4M's.. AMD.. and a few Via's.

Since the issue is a volume of data, I would try CELL.
I find the first sentence of the quote interesting. I've always looked forward to the appearance of robotic cars precisely because of people doing thinkings drinking and driving and cellphoning and driving.

The assumption that a robotic car will by definition be more dangerous than a drunken driver seems very strange to me. And the concept that we would ever "long for the days" when drunk drivers were loose on the streets is positively insane.
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