Robots answer to immigration?

Robots answer to immigration?: "Can robots do the dirty work most Americans don't want to do and meet some of the low-wage labor shortage facing the United States? Or better still, could robotic technology be part of the solution to the immigration conundrum that is facing the nation? "

The answer to the question is "yes."

The timeframe is: "about 20 years."

The next question is: "these robots will cause unemployment for approximately 50 million low-skill workers. What happens to them?"

See Robotic Nation for details.

I am against illegal immigration, but I think they will be doing it for decades to come.

The Japanese will be advancing the robots or sending ships and planes to Mexico, Central and South America to pick up cheap labor.

They could use the Chinese.. that is if it had not been for WW2.. Korea.. same thing.
In the fast approaching Cybernetic Economy, robots can certainly do the work now performed by eleven million illegal immigrants, but the main question is, Who will own the vast army of intelligent robots? I would like to see the robots-as-persons having total ownership of themselves-as-persons. During the Joint Stewardship of Earth, robots will do the hardest work and will create wealth for a joint society of humans and robots. Or am I wrong?
Epochs have come and gone when societies could have enjoyed peaceful prosperity for all at the standard of the day, few if any ever did.

What makes us think that our contemporary opportunity will be siezed upon?
You are not replacing cheap Mexican, Chinese or (insert emerging 3rd world economy) labor any time soon. People are STILL and will remain the "robot of choice" for cheap labor for a long time. 30 years minimum for a significant number of workers to be displaced. Trust me, this segment of the labor market would rather destroy businesses than be displaced entirely in the near term.
Marshal and I discussed this because I have actually placed automated equipment in a shop run with Mexican labor.

It was an industrial punch press with an automatde sheet loader.

It was jammed up 4 times, wires cut cleanly 3 times, and a mysterious full speed collision from a fork lift. That was done in the first two months.

In the third month, someone using a forklift lifted dropped the loader from a height of three feet. There is no reason to lift the automatic loader when it has wheels.

There are service reports with pictures to back this.

So should machines rise up against humans, I would hate to be a Mexican .. Payback is a *****.
re braxton perry:

Would this be similar in your mind to slaves breaking their simple hand implements to get out of labor, or more directly Luddite-ism to protect jobs? Is the complexity of the machine the issue here or does this destructive behavior recur across all times and ages? What I'm seeking to find is if this is specifically an "anti-robot" mentality, or if that is asking too much of the workers.
SCI FI Channel annouced it is begining work on a Batlestar Galactica Spinoff called Caprica.

It fits right into the Robot themes of your site.
To Anonymous..

They certainly hated the machine. The machine replaced an $8 per hour job with a machine that cost roughly the same per hour amoritized but without taxes, insurance, and social security.

It was explaned to me by the crews that the foreman, also Mexican got $1 an hour off of the top of everyone.

So they hated loseing the job and the foreman hated losing $80 a week (2x$40 per shift)

Thank you for asking.. check out

Braxton, if you try to implement labor saving devices too quickly... you can expect more destruction. Not by me, but by the disaffected, displaced and pissed off workers. There is a coming labor war...
In other news:


C'mon guys... I'm not even trying and I'm putting up more links to stories than RNE.

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i read robotic nation and have a few comments. First of all, collectively aggreeing to transition into a robotic nation with the intent of keeping costs down while getting rid of unwanted jobs by humans is a bad idea. Robots flying airplanes. Robots selling us burgers. Robots scrubbing our floors. Huh? I've never heard of robots taxiing the aircraft to parking areas, we have the autopilots for flying, yes, not for taxiing. U would argue that it is just a matter of time. In a way, you describe things as our own plotted demise such as depicted from movies like "i, robot" or Terminator...:)
Well in the short term, you need more programmers to make the breakthroughs. Where India hs taken commodity programming jobs, it could be time to retrain bank programmers in robotics and get them working on the core problems.
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