Robotic chair

Robotic chair

Click on the image of the chair for video of the chair self-assembling.

Just watch the cuts in this video. It's a crock. Someone post a link to unedited footage, then we'll talk.
Assume it is staged video. It still shows the little pieces that would be needed.

I am a big fan of the Iron Man series of comics. It's storylin discusses the nice thing you get when everything is small and smart.

The recent storyline "Exremis" covers many of the themse that Marshall loves. I would recomend buying and reading 1-6 of that series.

Also buy "the Iron Manual" and the graphic novel, "Iron Man: Crash".

This shows us that we are in the infant stages of smart materials. Teh reseting of oil prices will push smarter materials.
This video is NOT a demonstration of smart materials. If you want to talk about real-world materials, just visit http://www.materialconnexion.com/PA1.asp

You guys need to fine tune your ability to distinguish reality from science fiction... buying into Marshall's fanciful, romantic view of a future reality may be part of the problem.
"cut in this video" "crock" "NOT a demonstration of smart materials" "science fiction"

Uhm. It is a spec video of an unfinished piece of ARTWORK. It is fun to watch, would be quite a feat to construct it to work that way in a museum (sensors!).

Apart from that: who claimed anything else?
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