The new breed of soldier: Robots with guns

The new breed of soldier: Robots with guns

From the article:That phrase "we don't have to beg anymore" will soon be true of all robots:So, where will all the people currently holding those jobs end up?

See Robotic Nation for details.

It seems obvious to me that eventually the entire economy will be robotized. But surely this is not a bad thing. An automatic economic infrastructure, powered through renewable resources and utilizing molecular manufacturing, would effectively end economic scarcity, thereby ending the kinds of economic activity associated with such scarcity, i.e. human labor. The only remaining problem is the distribution of wealth. But, even here, I am confident that as the technological infrastructure of life-support on this planet is produced evermore efficiently we will see a corresponding evolution of civilization that leads, naturally, to a different economic way of being that is hard to imagine presently.
I'm afraid that it's all too likely that a vast and sudden shift in the concentration of wealth would lead, at least initially, to some variation of a feudal society before any sort of new infrastructure could be created. Unfortunately, feudal systems have almost always failed through mass violence, which robot armies may make impossible.
"It seems obvious to me that eventually the entire economy will be robotized. "

In a manner of speaking... the job market will be supplemented with specialized (vs. general) robotic help and smarter kiosks (this includes self-checkout style lanes) at retail stores and other public venues.

The military will be supplemented with smarter armed robots and "mules" to carry supplies. The skies will be monitored with smarter software and under the ground will be monitored with smarter and more penetrative sensors.

Despite all this, extremists of all stripes will never be conquered with robots alone.
When robots are able to manufacture all kinds of things with just the raw materials and the energy required, you will see even the standard of living for even the poorest folks go up. The dumps of the world are actually a great source for both.

We'll have open source robots so that everything already in the public domain can be replicated without paying.

Educational software and robots will also advance to the point where people can learn in their own way the things they need to know to get out of poverty and to keep from being exploited.

Improved nutrition and medicine, also enabled by robots will also help spare folks from the worst effects of poverty.

The potential for good and the potential for bad are both enormous. It will still be up to us to make smart choices.
Sure...with the power of cheap robotic labor and custom fabrication machines, we'll be up to our eyeballs in radicals making bombs/virii/killer-drones! LOL!
Then all of the Cindy Shehan’s of the world will be crying blood, why did you go.. even with robots. What you want is mild germ warfare. You don’t have to kill the enemy. Just something that keep people weak and on the toilet. Normal flu, not Avian flu.

As far as the ascension of AI, Marshall and I have corresponded on this. I have been hearing the same speech from AI “Experts”. They drone on about CPU and memory doubling without actually having any software. Hardware is the third most important piece of the puzzle.

AI is about software and the software is nowhere near ready. This is like hearing a programmer say he needs a more powerful server and you give it to him. Then you find out he had no idea how to program it in the first place.

I know CPU’s will double. I am looking forward to buying a Conroe system.

But the same people are defending their budgets by saying wait we will get back to you. If they actually had workable software, someone would buy a million PC CPU equivalent supercomputer. It would design its successor in short order and AI would be a commodity.

I haven’t seen it and I haven’t seen real progress in the software.

Until then, no rise of the robots.
First paragraph got cut

At this level they are not autonomous. If you send out 20,000 people and 30,000 robots and you enemy hacks your robots, they shoot you. When and if AI comes into existence it will have to learn to judge lies. It can barely ascertain the truth and the context of the truth.
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