AMD developing reverse Hyper-Threading?

Turns a multi-core processor into a virtual single-core processor. Since single cores are easier to program, it would make the job of programming multi-core machines easier:

AMD developing reverse Hyper-Threading?

Boy is this ever a dumb idea!

The way we work and expect our machines to work is in paralel creating a technology to allow programmers to get away with sloppy code is really bad.

If a programmer is doesn't want the hassle of writing somthing "thread safe" (able to run properly on multi-proccesor machines) they just need to switch to one of the modern languages that handles that for them.
Colleges barely teach round robin schedulers. Threading is taught in graduate school. Big Mistake.

You need to talk about threading and thread safety, better garbage colection, and program modularity to free up memory in addition to variable useage.
Ever since computers have gained in speed, memory and capability, sloppy coding has been the norm. For god's sake, just look at Microsoft's crap.
Second thought...

This is pointless. the beauty of multicore will be running antivirus, firewall, print drivers, and other little tasks on one core and dedicating a core to the major application.

This is backwards.
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