Digital Movie Stars

Can You Clone a Movie Star? - A report from Hollywood's digital frontier: "The ultimate step to eliminate what remains of the distinction between cartoons and movies is the creation of computer-generated actors. Video games have already moved in this direction. Electronic Arts released a game of From Russia With Love last year that employed a digital clone of Sean Connery as he appeared in the 1963 movie. Can Hollywood be far behind? "

It is interesting to me that there is no way to clone the voice yet.

The upshot is, there is no way to create a completely convincing human digital character at this point (for anything more than background characters). For an emotive, expressive AI digital character that "acts", I wouldn't expect anything for another 20-30 years. Call me a pessimist (or an optimist, depending on your point of view).
On the other hand, if the digitized characters become convincing enough to replace humans, actors may start to develop good character traits like humility in order to keep working.
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