Deployment of ATMs

Here's a good way to understand why kiosks will start appearing in more and more places:

Nextran ATMs

It talks about traditional ATMs, and also specialized ATM kiosks. For example, go to the hotel section and you can find this, "Even as we speak, we are developing the first ATMs for Hotel lobbies, allowing customers to check into their rooms from our ATM machines, giving them the ability to turn their credit cards into room keys..."

See Robotic Nation for details.

Again... NOT a robot. ;)
again... READ MANNA!

Marshalls concern is the coming singularity, whats happens after and the implecations for the life of our offspring.
The singularity, as theorized by Ray Kurzweil and inspired by Gordon Moore's theorem, will result in the destruction of robot-kind by the jihaddist uprising on a global scale. We will return to a new dark time, a modern stone-age... led by a stone-age superman named Flintstone... Fred Flintstone.
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