Cages and Bubbles

Senators Eye 'Virtual,' Not Real Border Wall

From the article: This is a robotic fence -- much less expensive than a real fence. If the technology were better developed right now, it would be a huge help in places like Iraq where there is a big need to protect linear structures like pipelines, etc.

The problem with robotic fences is that they can be used to create cages and bubbles anywhere and anytime.

Meh... only tangential to Robotic Nation. More appropriate to "Robotic Police State".
You didn't read Manna, did you?
Yes I did, but you can basically cite anything happening in technology to support the "Manna" scenario. This is not convincing.
The issues is reducing illegal immigration by reducing the perks.

1. Rewrite the law such that children born in the US to illegal parents are not citizens.

2. Change the law such that schools do not have to educate illegals.

3. Return illegal prisoners to their home country to be held and feed under that countries tax burden to withdraw from any trade agreements.

4. Make Mexico build a wall or tell them we will wreck their economy and keep their country.. Period ..

Then keep it as a teritory and refuse to grant citizenship to the former citizens. We can then move in Americans to take their land.

You have to give them a scenario that scares thems. Otherwise they will continue to abuse the situation and milk our taxpayers.
Sounds like someone has been drinking the Lou Dobbs Kool-Aid. Lou Dobbs doesn't understand shit and sounds more and more like some maniacal rabble-rousing politician in the making.
You're joking, right anonymous3? Even making an effort to put aside the morality of such maneuvers, your schemes don't even make sense. If America "destroys" the Mexican economy, do you think this will lessen the influx of immigrants? I think it would be just the opposite.

And besides, the premise is flawed. Immigrants continue to play an important role in the US economy and culture, as they have throughout its history.
I think "anonymous" ---the other guy, not me... ;) --- is joking. He...he HAS to be joking... right? I mean, c'mon, could anyone really be THAT stupid/ignorant/tunnel-visioned?
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