32 GB Flash drives

The advatages of flash drives are becoming more and more tangible:

Samsung launches 32 GB Flash disk for mobile computers

Much less power consumption, smaller, lighter and no moving parts. It will be interesting to see how fast the prices drop.

A hard drive with 8GB of virtual clusters would be more practical.

Then increase the amount as costs drop.
I wrote the anon stament..

Use flash to create virtual cluster at the outside of the disk. then use a modified defrag program to push heavily read but seldom writen files out to that area.

More importantly, I would like to see a second head on the other side of the drive. With native command queing this would fly.

My next PC will have the hard drive striped.

With the differences in CPUs running $300 dollars, you can add stripe the drive and add a GB of RAM to the system for the same price.

You get far more bang per buck.
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