Will Google create the god of knowledge?

St Lawrence of Google

The article is a fairly typical review of a Google speech until we get to the last paragraph:At that point, what happens? If you have the money and know-how to create "an omniscient and omnipotent algorithm", what happens next?

Good luck with that, Google. Maybe they'll enable all of the world's network enabled video cameras to be the eyes and ears of the new AI, the accumulated knowledge of the Net and libraries to be it's memory and mind, and the computers, robots and networked vehicles of the world to be it's hands and legs.

Now that's scary.
Google cannot even filter obvious garbage out of their search results or crawl frame based sites effectivly so I think them coming up with strong AI is a long way off.
I, for one, welcome our Google overlords with outstretched googly arms.
Google is wathchig you.
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