Will digital effects ruin Hollywood?

Will digital effects ruin Hollywood?: "To accommodate this digital outsourcing, a movie is split into what amounts to two different productions: the live-action movie that's shot in a studio or on location and the CGI movie that's created on computers. During the live-action part, the star often works on a so-called limbo set, aptly named because the actor is in a sort of limbo stage, standing, for example, in an empty room, wearing a green spandex jumpsuit, and mouthing lines of dialogue - which will later be filled in at a looping session - while holding imaginary objects and reacting to imaginary dangers. The CGI production will 'paint' elaborate costumes on him, fill in ornate walls and furniture behind him, and insert the object he is holding and the enemy who's threatening him. In the live-action phase of Sum of All Fears, for example, the actor Arnold McCuller sang the national anthem in a limbo set and, months later, CGI technicians created a giant football stadium, thousands of cheering fans, and a sky full of fireworks all around him. "

The article talks about the problems that arise from this split between live and digital. It seems obvious where this is heading -- the elimination of the human actors.

Actors can be odd at times. I can't really see them putting up with wearing a green suit for the entire duration of the film. Actors need to feel that they are living the part. Pretending to be there just will not cut it for most of them.
Virtually Directed Porn & Modeling.

It's going to put a ton of models out of business.

You think I'm joking!
FIrst of all... what the hell is Hollywood, other than an idea? It's a WHOLE LOT of business interaction. The films of George Lucas and Peter Jackson have been described as Hollywood blockbusters, when nothing could be further than the truth. Films are mostly independently developed initially, until they are (often) sold to a studio for completion---that's the quick version of how it works. In other words, it's a system of development companies, financing, marketing and distribution partners. As for "digital effects ruining Hollywood"... I'd say good films are good films, and bad films are bad films, and digital effects never make a bad film a good film.
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