Robot rebellion

Defend yourself against the coming robot rebellion

From the article: "Any robot could rebel, from a toaster to a Terminator, and so it is crucial to learn the strengths and weaknesses of every robot enemy," author Daniel H. Wilson warns in "How to Survive a Robot Uprising: Tips on Defending Yourself Against the Coming Rebellion."

Fear sells and that is what this grad student is using to sell his book and movie ideas. I personally would worry about slowing down AI and robotics by unwarranted fears of toaster and robot maid rebellions! You have to design a robot or AI to rebel. Rebellion is an animal program from evolution.

Oh my god! … My robot vacuum cleaner has turned terminator!
You have no idea what you're talking about.

I've read the book. It's hilarious. It's satire.

Think and check before you speak.

I highly recommend the book to whomever is looking for a laugh along with a tutorial on today's robotics systems.
Every morning I punch the toaster before leaving the house. Just to let it know who's boss.
A few years ago I read an article about robotics in the New York Times where a robotics engineer joked that if the robots plan to take over, they better act quickly because the batteries we give them only last for an hour or so.
These posts are becoming less and less relevant to the current state of robotics, and more of a panicky "Fox News" styled rant against progress. Now THAT'S sad tech. :(
Posts seem fine to me. My bet: Marshall Brain just thought it was a funny book idea, and that the people here would be interested in it.

As for progress, Marshall Brain is very clearly for it, and these posts do not speak against it.
I tend to get more useful robot news from www.engadget.com & www.boingboing.net these days.

I keep coming back here hoping it will get it's focus back, though.

Marshall Brain seems to post here in bursts.
(Please note that below I'm not arguing against that particular book, but against the common fear of roots.)
Robots will never become a threat by themselves. We can see in dogs a perfect example of how humans react to any perceived threat. If just one dog hurts someone that dog is immediately killed, no exceptions, and there is a nationwide debate about leashing and muzzling dogs and about making that particular breed illegal. If any robot ever hurts a human, even if accidentally, it will be immediately decommissioned and that model will be discontinued.

The only way robots can be a threat is if they are designed to be so. That is, the military (or other humans) decide that robots that kill people is a good idea.

Miriam English http://miriam-english.org
Even if robots are conscious and more intelligent than humans they're not going to rebel unless they are specifically designed to be malicious. We're not going to design robotic servants that resent their duties. Also, robots will lack the irrationality and hormonal turmoil that makes humans do rash things.
No we wont program robots to rebel but other people will (Millitary glitch,terrorists,Ememy Countries ETC..) and when they grow in intelligence they may realise that were not needed around. personally i wouldnt mind our species to be taken over by Robots because they dont need much living space, living materials,food ETC... which means we are not cutting down forrests for resources and farmland we will not be locking up animals for food we will not be destroying wild animals homes for building city on and we will not be poisioning the air and planet that sorta thing wich means the earth may be able to heal from the damage humans have done.
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