Machines and objects to overtake humans on the Internet

Machines and objects to overtake humans on the Internet: "Machines will take over from humans as the biggest users of the Internet in a brave new world of electronic sensors, smart homes, and tags that track users' movements and habits, the UN's telecommunications agency predicted.

In a report entitled 'Internet of Things', the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) outlined the expected next stage in the technological revolution where humans, electronic devices, inanimate objects and databases are linked by a radically transformed Internet. "

See Robotic Nation for details on why this is going to happen.

So the UN dazzles us with predictions of AI agents and software dominating the future internet. How about saying the obvious; information technology will eventually automate all paperwork and disembodied cognition tasks/jobs. And the UN will be filled with AI agents giving non-political and calculated statements about amazing futures. Of course, who needs the UN? Your personal AI advisor can predict the future as well.
At the bottom of the article it says: "In a world increasingly mediated by technology, we must ensure that the human core of our activities remains untouched," the report concluded.


The image is a person enclosed in an exo-skeleton, or some sort of anime power-suit.

But we already know: That changes how people act, how they think.

We are changing; No doubt about it.

I think it'll be like in the John Shirley story: "When the City comes a walkin', we'll all be obsolete."
I can see this happening too, I can already identify over 25% of all visits to one of my websites as being from a robot. I'm not even taking into account the SPAM-bots that pretend to be a standard user operated browser.
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