Treasure-discovering robot

ROBOT DISCOVERS GOLD ON CHILE’S ROBINSON CRUSOE ISLAND: "The team used new robot technology that is able to scan the atomic composition of materials such as water, metals and petroleum buried up to 50 meters underground. Because the robot uses sonar to scan the ground, no digging has actually been done yet, but if the team is right, the discovery would be the largest buried treasure ever found anywhere."

Photo of the "robot"
here (google translated)

Looks a tad bit fishy to me. "Anti Plasma reactor"? Uh huh.

Sounds a bit like that russian company that claimed to be able to detect buried treasure on Cocos Island using "microlepton" satellite photos. (old website of that company: archive.org snapshot of Alkor International website)

Also it is not clear what part of that machine would make it a robot. Looks more like a sensor on wheels?

Ah well, once they got all that treasure out in the open, we will hear all about it, right? Right?
Man, this friggin non-story is really making the rounds.

800 tons of gold....800 tons of PR more likely...
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