Robot Sentry Gun

This one is a little intimidating. A couple of "normal guys" have built a robotic gun and camera system intended to target and kill people. Lots of photos of the construction process.

Sentry Gun: "The idea of this project was to create a fully-automated sentry gun, capable of picking out a human target and accurately tracking and shooting him or her in the heart. Really, the idea was to find a cool robotics project for the summer while I was working at an advertising agency, and I'd only ever seen sentry guns in movies (like Congo) and video games (Half-Life 1, Half-Life 2, Team Fortress Classic)."

That is really fascinating. I like some of their alternate uses:

"There are a number of applications for a sentry gun like this that don't involve putting holes in people. For example, I could put a camera on top and use it for wildlife photography. A squirt gun could be attached, and it could be used to discipline your cat when it tries to jump on the couch...simultaneously watering your couch. It lends itself nicely to a vortex gun platform, and that could be used to keep crows off of cornfields. I would like to pursue some of these ideas when I have the time."

And of course it's exactly what you want for combat-zone perimeter security or for fully armed borders (Korean DMZ, Pakistan/India, Israel/Palestine, etc.). Also great around high security zones like nuclear power plants. With the auto-detection and voice-warning they've added it creates an active-denial zone: "Don't come any closer or you will die!".

Having seen these sorts of turrets in video games for years it really begs the question of why we need human soldiers for perimeter security - they suck at it compared to machines.
You should have a human to decide to pull the trigger.

These should be deployed like a swarm in a combat zone. I never understood why warm-bodied snipers still exist.
Yesterday I saw something on the news about smart camera's that will soon start identifying potential brickdroppers on a bridge.

You see, a while ago, here in Holland, we had this incident where a couple of guys dropped a brick of a bridge onto a freeway, and it killed a woman.

We can't have anymore of that, so now we're putting up camera's, see?

Smart thinking, eh? ;)
Oh, and I posted that because it's related to the (obviously) smart cam of this sentry gun.
If you've seen the movie "Aliens", you'll recall that James Cameron had some sentry gunbots guarding the tunnels in the terraforming facility. Once the bullets ran out, the aliens broke into the main facility... in other words, blame James.
I read something not too long ago about Israel potentially using remote sentry guns similar to these along their borders (with Gaza?). The article said that each one would be armed with a .50 calibar machine gun.
my god i cannot believe how cool this is if the pentagon don't want to buy this technology i sure as hell do!!!!
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