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From the article:Another job category goes to the robots... See also Robots taking jobs.

The house always wins...

I don't know how fair the casinos as they exist today are, but I think at least some of the games aren't rigged. What would stop the computer "dealer" from cheating, since all of it is electronic?

This robotic takeover is too much
If you seriously think that computerized dealers are less trustworthy than human dealers... well. I guess you've lost a lot of money in Vegas.
Yeah, Pat. That's the point I was going to hit on. The markets will keep human dealers when human customers chose human Casinos. :)
Online casinos are also very popular. You don't even have to leave your house to lose money! I would think though that there are regulations in place to keep the casino from cheating. Besides, if the casino did seem to win too often, they would lose business to someplace that didn't. It's in the casino's best interest to remain as fair as possible. Of course, the odds and payouts are placed so that the house always has an advantage, but that true anywhere, and how casinos manage to stay open.
I heard a great quote one time: "The lottery is a tax for people who don't understand math.".

I think this can be applied to casino gambling as well.
I agree online casino are very popular.
All information you need about free casino game and poker online.
Best regards in your deal.
And this my project.
In Macau Wynn has a shortage of qualified employees to service the
casino guests. Wynn is working with a new company that wants to
deliver robots to do the jobs Wynn needs done.

The Taiwan Fulgent Entertainment Co. has seen the future, and is
making way for it: It is already marketing a series of games with
robot dealers. These android croupiers can handle all table games. The
robot that flips over cards never slouches or hustles tips. Think of
the savings.

The second is a Bartender that can make just about any drink and you
don't have to tip.

Wynn is also working with Melco IT,Shuffle Master, and IGT in a new
series of 'Virtual Dealer' for Baccarat. Being tested in Macau at the
automated Mocha Clubs of Meclo PBL Entertainment.

Wynn is looking to add the automated Three Card Poker game and multi-
link and host the 2007 Three Card Poker World Championship.

Blackjack, Three Card Poker®, Let It Ride Bonus™ with 3 Card Bonus™,
Dragon Bonus® Baccarat, Royal Match 21™ Blackjack, and Ultimate Texas
Hold'em™ all have version of automated table games.

Can't wait for Wynn to start deploying more automated machines as
payroll eats up about 25 percent of revenue. That's one-quarter of the
total take spent on wages, benefits and other compensation -- the
largest operating expense by far, except for debt caused by new
"It's in the casino's best interest to remain as fair as possible."

You're right Zeb. Anyone thinking of playing online should check out the forums and watchdogs. News travels fast online and word of mouth (or keyboard) should hopefully keep any dodgy online operations in check.

Jacob (Online Baccarat Guide)
I love gambling in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Macau.
I hate going to casinos, it’s so competitive and if you lose you know who has taken your money and can even watch them walk away with it. Plus those high roller casino types you see throwing stupid amounts of money on the table makes everyone fold all the time, it makes things worse! So I’ve started playing online casino blackjack instead, blackjack is a friendlier game as you don’t compete directly against the other players. You’re all just trying to beat the dealer, you don’t hate each other and you can even have a friendly chat.
this is a absolutly stupid idea this robot dealer will only eliminate jobs for future generations and this would end up causing more problems than its worth we already have problems with shuffling machines stupid idea i would never play with one
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