These rooms sound amazingly like the rooms in Terrafoam

Here's how the rooms are described in Manna:Now here is a description of a new hotel opening in England: Capsule hotels come to Europe:See Manna for details.

Overpopulation destroys the quality of life!

The resources, products and services have to spread to thinner. Like all growing over bloated cities, fewer people can afford property and quality of life things – swimming pools, waterskiing, boating, motorcycle adventures, sports car driving, snow skiing, golfing, etc. These poor people are now forced to live a low quality of life with only unhealthy tiny apartments and passive entertainment – movies, TV, plays, theme parks, computer games, etc. I believe everyone deserves a very high physical and mental quality of life. Only a Robot Nation with ultra intelligent AI could educate (science and technology) everyone and control mindless breading.
Heh. Patronizing and insulting the poor at the same time. Impressive!

They are at once "forced" into their lives; somehow they were forced to do poorly in government funded and administered schools. [If you’re talking about the 3rd world, then you probably should look at how economic growth correlates with aid] But when it comes to a personal choice like having a kid, they are "mindless".

You might want to review the tenets of a free society, in which economic exchange is voluntary. No one would book a hotel room if they didn't want a hotel room. You might recall that the only bad part of Terrafoam in 'Manna' is that you are forced to stay there.

"The resources, products and services have to spread to thinner."

Actually, that isn’t true. As an economy grows, the available products and services grow, usually even more than population. There is certainly scarcity, but growth is along the dimensions of optimal usage of resources. While we will have to re-think energy usage over the next 30 years, predictions of other resources running dry are just dead wrong. You should read about this famous bet by two renown economists regarding the availability of scarce resources over time.

Let me spare you the trouble if you can only be educated from ultra intelligent AI: your fears are overblown.

Alternatively, you might want to choose another conclusion besides “Only a Robot Nation…”

As for the story, let me just say that I would love to have paid minimal amounts of money to sleep under a roof while backpacking. After the 2nd week of camping, I would pay far more than 20GBP.
They have had micro hotel rooms in Japan for decades, and there is a huge difference between a forced concentration camp and a hotel filling a market niche. Using this as an example to show how you are an "accurate futurist" demeans your work.
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