Robots and felonies


PC Precisely Predicts Felony

From the article: The article also states:What if every traffic light contained cameras, microphones and artificial intelligence so that it could track every person walking by and detect possible crimes in progress? What if every street light and building had the same sort of system? Then we would have blanket coverage throughout a city, and every crime would be detected and recorded as it happened. See also The end of anonimity.

Philip K. Dick was right...they are watching, and they know what you're thinking.
I don't find this as amazing as the headline suggests. What's more amazing is the fact that the police actually had the resources to allocate to the area, just in case something happened.
The deterrent aspect is important to stress. If you know you're being video taped in public, chances are you're not going to mug someone.

By the way, "the end of anonymity" is a misnomer. It's the end of public anonymity, which is entirely different and not to be lamented. In addition, there is a big difference between detection and identification. The former is “someone is walking down Main St.”. The latter is “John Q. Smith is picking up his newspaper”. Surveillance will have to immensely improve before the latter is as easy as the former. Trust me, I work in the field :-D

But, if government got out of the business of maintaining roads, I wouldn't be surprised if certain areas were not like this. Perhaps you've heard of Stuyvesant Town.
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