Robot Nurse

Robot makes medical history

From the article: My mother was in the hospital last week, and it is very interesting to think of Penelope in the conext of a modern hospital. A hospital is teaming with people, like bees in a hive. And each person's role is highly specialized. There is one person who takes temperatures and BP, another who dispenses medicine, another that delivers trays of food, another that picks up trays of food, one who takes blood, one who monitors the IV, one to clean the bathroom, another to change the sheets.... It is absolutely amazing.

Most of these people are highly paid. The economic pressure to eliminate all of these jobs and replace them with robots is immense. Penelope is an early harbinger of the things to come. See Robotic Nation for details. See also The birth of the robotic hospital.

The cost of health care is pretty complicated. Here and here are just two good articles on the subject.

With all the laws, things can get complicated. A friend who works in IT for a hostipal described the hell of diving into leagaleze about ownership of medical records just to copy a file from one server to another. Ridiculous!
The final robot nurse/doctor may look like a bush. The “bush robot” is theorized to reach into every cell of our body, simultaneously analyzing and repairing. Hopefully, by 2030, they will repair ANY damage to your body. From a very detailed computer model of the patient, it can convert a 100 year old patent into a physically, genetically and perfect 18 year old. I hope Professor Moravec is correct!

Frankly the very idea of a "bush"-bot (no offense to our standing president) I find highly unlikely. As rapidly as technology is obsoleted these days, I would hate to have an embedded robotic system residing on my person.
Yes, could you imagine the power failing while it is touching every cell of your body! Hopefully by 2030, the “bush robot” will have fault protection and redundant systems. Because we will be approaching 50 and need young attractive bodies again? Of course, you may opt for nanomedicine instead of a bush doctor?
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