Robot IQ test

IQ test for AI devices gets experts thinking

From the article: "How do you tell just how smart your robot is? Give it a universal IQ test, researchers suggest.

Traditional measures of human intelligence would often be inappropriate for systems that have senses, environments, and cognitive capacities very different from our own.

So Shane Legg and Marcus Hutter at the Swiss Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Manno-Lugano, have drafted an idea for an alternative test which will allow the intelligence of vision systems, robots, natural-language processing programs or trading agents to be compared and contrasted despite their broad and disparate functions."

I hate the human IQ scale: 100 what? It is too nebulous and counts nothing real. I would like a more quantitative measure of IQ in ANY system. By counting how many:
1. Ask a question
2. Action
3. Do it again
In other words, a toaster has an IQ of one. Because it asks one question (is it done yet), one action (pop the toast) and can do it again (another bread to toast). IBM’s Big Blue would have a huge IQ under this system, in the thousands?
Of course, learning would involve the inclusion of a new 1, 2 and 3.
But should Deep Blue have a huge IQ? If you make a tiny change to the rules of chess then Deep Blue would totally fail. Intelligence as I see it is far more general and flexible than this.
Good point “shane”. I was just trying to stimulate interest in creating a new physical measure of intelligence. Something likes moles of a solution. How about Smart units? They could represent the number effective rules in a system. Like an expert system with 100 rules, would have 100 Smarts? Then you could have Smartarity: number of Smarts in one system?
Yes, but what is an "effective" rule? And effective for what purpose?

The universal intelligence measure provides answers of a sort to these difficult questions.
Intelligence is an intricate duet of Knowledge and Imagination.
I like the idea of a "smarts" unit, I plan to thusforth use it in my computer projects.

However, I'd like to add that "smarts" units somehow should be qualified as to what they do. So of like a vector instead of scalar.

Where like Metres you could simply say "100m" or you could say "100m west". With smarts you'd do it like "21smt" or "21smt Load and Store"

Anybody else got any further input?
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