Moore's law and international competition

There are a wide range of things that can spur Moore's law, including international competition:

China joins U.S. and Japan in global race to build the fastest computer

From the article:The petaflop barrier is significant because it is believed that the human brain operates at an equivalent speed of something like 1 to 10 petaops per second. See Robotic Nation for details.

It's been said that whoever controls the first nanotechnology universal assembler, controls the world.

The idea is that it would be used to create (and be created by) a super-intelligence, and that the super-intelligence would use the nanotech to halt all other nanotech research, around the world.

So, large masses of computing power are very important. Today, that means Google, and the super-computers of the world, stuff like that. In the future, who knows. Something to watch for, though.
These things tend to develop in parallel (or greater numbers) so I wouldn't be suprised if several research facilities announce breakthroughs around the same time. Unless the Koreans get there first...damn you Samsung! :)
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