The end of actors may be nigh

Actors are expensive and prone to weirdness (see, for example, Tom Cruise). Movies like Skrek and Finding Nemo can break box office records with zero people in them. Therefore, studios will be applying robotic actors more and more. This technology will help speed the process along:

Avid previews groundbreaking Softimage|Face Robot facial animation technology

From the article:See also robots and jobs.

When I was teaching television production about 20 years ago, I taught my students that someday actors would be unnecessary. You could just enter the parameters for a perfect James Bond into a computer and it would generate a 007 that surpassed even Sean Connery. I doubt whether I'll see that in my lifetime, not because the technology won't be available, but because the Hollywood establishment is too entrenched to replace that easily. Producers and directors will refuse to do movies without live actors.
Humans are very, very good at recognizing other humans. As imitation humans approach the absolute realism, humans notice the small differences even more and get creeped out. I suspect the energy equations to break the sound barrier would model this phenomenon well. I think it will be some time before we will be able to create convincing imitation humans. And once we can create the images, we will still need to make them act and emote. I think human actors will continue to have jobs for a long time. However, the Hollywood star system will fall long before that.
It could work with stormtroopers or something to save money on extras
Its already being done with extras. One of the earliest examples I can think of is the stadium audience in Forrest Gump.
"The end of actors may be nigh"

Good. That's how I like it. They're arrogant bastards that suck at their own jobs. And they get paid obscene amounts of money for it, as well.

Virtual people are so much better at acting.

To see what I mean, just check out the movie clips at this link. It's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. Trust me.


Let reallife actors learn a skill or something. I'm sick and tired of looking at them.
Don't mistake Hollywood for the entire acting world.

Until Hard-AI is solved, acting will be a skill for humans, at least in the higher forms of acting. There is little that is more human and innate than mirroring a human response, intellectually and emotionally.

That short CG video is great, but doesn't prove much. The actors are the animators instead of the on-screen personality.
And why would that be a problem?

I'd say it's quite obvious the CG girl gives away an acting performance that reallife people can only dream of.

In fact, reallife people *act*, whereas CG's *are* what you see.

If this level of CG were mainstream, Hollywood would already be on its ass.

It doesn't require hard AI. It requires more raw computational power, and more automisation in the animation process. And fullblown voice synthesis would also be nice. I play a lot of videogames, and I am not impressed with most voice acts.
Ah this is ridiculous. We wont see the decline of actors because people go to see their favorite minor royal of hollywood on the screen. It will be many decades before that trend is gone. If this weren't the case, instead of casting some star name that commands a huge salary, Hollywood would simply get an underwear model that will work for less than the local electrician and throw him away after the movie is done.
Human animators exaggerate their characters' motions (which I dislike). I doubt they'll be able to resist putting their own 'mark' on the motion in this way. So, I doubt real human actors will be replaceable anytime soon.
Human animators exaggerate their characters' motions (which I dislike). I doubt they'll be able to resist putting their own 'mark' on the motion in this way. So, I doubt real human actors will be replaceable anytime soon.
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