Robotic police

CNN.com - Cameras put police ears to the ground

From the article:It simply will not be too long before these eyes and ears are attached to rolling or walking robots, and those robots have the ability to do things like deploy nets and shoot tasers and tranquilizer darts.

One thought that comes to mind immediately is that these systems are desperately needed in Iraq.

See also The future of robotic police.

They already have experimental systems in theatre based on arrays of microphones that can detect the source of a gun shot.

What they really need is the grand challenged to be solved to have automated border patrols.
How about no borders and troops of robotic police? Or perhaps the continued increase of the "leap-frog" technology phenomena in third-world countries and the social collapse of the immigration imperative? Or the day when most immigration traffic is flowing OUT of an increasing restrictive country so-called developed nation? Virtual worlds?

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